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Board of Directors
Members at Large
Name Re-Election Date Term Ends
Roger Drew 2000 2004
Shelley Higgerty 2004 2006
Hassan Karkour 2004 2006
Bob LaForce 2003 2005
Margaret McFadyen 2003 2005
Allen Tower 2004 2006

Affiliate Agencies
Agency Representative
Brampton Public Library Sarala Uttangi
Caledon Public Library Lynda Craig
Community Living Mississauga Amanda Heilesen
Mississauga Library System Amy Colson
Peel District School Board Dalia Taylor

Position Description:
To provide the Peel Literacy Guild with the leadership and resources needed to run an effective literacy service in the Region of Peel.

To provide the Peel Literacy Guild with the leadership and resources needed to run an effective literacy service in the Region of Peel.

  1. Attend meetings regularly
  2. Establish policies
  3. Set goals and identify functions of the Guild and set priorities for action
  4. Raise funds
  5. Approve the budget and determine staff salaries and benefit
  6. s
  7. Evaluate staff and program
  8. Oversee the management and safeguarding of all assets and resources
  9. Maintain confidentiality of information at meetings

Position Requirements:
  • Belief that literacy is critical to full participation in the community
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Experience in working in a team environmen
  • Experience on boards/committees
  • Leadership experience that has proven to meet objectives and targets
  • Strong ties to the corporate sector and/or community
  • Willingness to devote four to six hours per month to Guild activities
Knowledge of literacy issues and the Region of Peel is an asset. Two references required.

Conflict of Interest:
No person who has any actual or potential personal, philosophical or financial conflict of interest with the Peel Literacy Guild's activities and programs will be accepted as a board member.

Board Member Bios:
Adriane Beaudry
Community Living Mississauga Representative

Biography is not available at this time.

Amy Colson
Mississauga Library System Representative

Amy is a Senior Librarian in the Readers' Den Department of Mississauga's Central Library. She is responsible for the literacy collections for the Mississauga Library System. Amy has been with the Library since 1991. She is also the president of the Library's union.

Lynda Craig
Caledon Public Library Representative

Lynda is a retired elementary school teacher who spent most of her career assessing and teaching literacy skills to learning disabled children. She started instructing at the University of Toronto in the early nineties and continues to teach courses to teachers at OISE/UT in the Special Education Department. She runs a small business from her home and is very active in her community. Lynda has a Master's Degree and a Specialist in Special Education.

Roger Drew
Tutor Representative and Vice President

Roger is President of USHIO Canada INC. with specializes in electrically lighting. Before starting his new business, Roger was a management consultant specializing in the importation and distribution of energy-efficient lighting and electrical equipment, as well as a Quality Assurance counselor to organizations seeking ISO/QS 9000 Registration. He has been a resident of Mississauga since 1973 and a tutor at the Mississauga Learning Centre since 1997.

Shelley Higgerty
Member at Large

Biography is not available at this time.

Hassan Karkour
Learner Representative

Hassan has been a learner with the Guild on and off for a number of years. Hassan was on the board for six years and has returned in 1999 after a one-year break. He has helped the Guild on a number of committees that include Public Relations, Fundraising and Personnel. Hassan has also helped with tutor training and events planning. Currently, he is helping to organize a charity golf tournament sponsored by Docherty's Public House.

Bob LaForce
Learner Representative

Bob is a learner representative from the Brampton Learning Centre and has served since 1999. He is a tool and dye maker by trade and is recording secretary of his local union. Bob has helped with tutor training and has taken on fundraising activities on behalf of the Guild.

Margaret McFadyen
Member at Large

Margaret McFadyen, is a librarian now retired. She has held the posts of Reference Librarian, Co-ordinator of Information Services, Chief Librarian, Branch Manager, Manager of Information and Community Services over 29 years with a number of public libraries in Southern Ontario. From 1994 to 1997 she served on the Board of the Peel Literacy Guild as the affiliate appointed by Brampton Public Library. In September 2000 she agreed to come out of retirement and serve once more as a member at large and as the Board secretary.

Cheryl Snowdon
Ministry of Correctional Services

Cheryl has a background in social work and education. She has taught basic literacy and has studied English-as-a-Second Language and Special Education. Her work at the Vanier Centre of Women has allowed her to put all these skills into use.

Dalia Taylor
Peel District School Board

Dalia is the Manager for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy at the Peel District School Board's Centre for Language Training and Assessment. She has a background in assessment, especially to diverse groups of learners, and has developed an assessment manual for participants in the Literacy and Basic Skills program. Much of her work involves being a liaison with other organizations such as: Human Resources Development Canada, North Peel Learning Disabilities Assoc., Ontario Literacy Coalition, Ontario Works, Peel-Halton-Dufferin Adult Learning Network, Peel-Halton-Etobicoke Teaching English as a Second Language Affiliate, Workers' Safety and Insurance Board.

Allen Tower
Member at Large

Allen is a retired bank executive who has been a resident of Mississauga since 1992. He has been a tutor for three years with the Guild and joined the Board in March of 2000. Allen will be assuming the role of treasurer in 2000-01.

Sarala Uttangi
Brampton Public Library Representative

Sarala Uttangi is a Public Services Librarian of the Brampton Public Library for the past 13 years. Over these years, she has been responsible for the Reference, Business and Legal collections along with the Local History and the Literacy collections. She helps patrons to find infomation and conducts library tours for the business and ESL groups. She also serves on the Peel Heritage Committee. At present she is involved with the electronic indexing of the Brampton Guardian and the Digitization of the Local History collection.

Elizabeth Walsh
Sheridan College Representative

Liz is the Coordinator for Communications in the LBS/OBS program at Sheridan College. She began working in the literacy field in England in the mid 1970s and continued in the same field after joining Sheridan in 1985. As coordinator, Liz has developed the LBS program at Sheridan; she mentors teachers, assesses applicants and teaches in the program, as well as liaising with other LBS providers in the Peel-Halton Regions.