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Learner Stories

My Time at the Guild
By: Bibi Pedro

I did not know how to write the months of the year and the days of the week. If I come every day I will learn a lot but I have to work some days. I would like to thank Cassandra because she helped me to read the driver's book to get my driver's licence. Studying my spelling words and having spelling tests has made my spelling better. I am not leaving for now. I have a long way to go. I need to read and spell more. When I came first I did not know how to read and understand but I can read a letter at home and understand it.

I've Learned A Lot So Far
By: Claude Samuels

I enjoy coming to school because I have achieved a lot of things. I can read and write. The teachers do a lot for me by putting me on the computer so I can do a little typing. The Success Maker computers helped me to read big time.

I'd like to continue for another year to achieve what I need, which is mostly reading and writing, so I can help myself.

My Story
By: Dawn

When I first came here l couldn't read anything. I was shy when I first came. My teacher asked me to read and I couldn't do it. Then she started giving me letters and little words. I thank Peel Literacy Guild for helping me read a little stuff now. Then I started reading in front of the other students. But some things l still can't read. I feel I am still struggling. I want to be more serious this year so I can be finished in two years time. Then I would like to work in a nursing home, looking after old people. That's a job I would like to do.

My Time at the Guild
By: Devon

How has my life changed since I started at the Guild? I have learned here at the Guild that I can be relaxed in a group setting. My first day was a bit uncomfortable, but I got more at ease as the days and weeks went by, in part because of my instructor. My instructor's name is Cassandra. LibraryShe is very helpful and patient with all of the learners in the class. She makes it easy for all the learners to feel comfortable with each other. In part, being here at the Guild has been a relief knowing that I have finally decided to get things straight. Interacting with the other learners in the class also helps me be more open with other people. I'm not usually open with my problem to anyone. The freedom to open up with people in the class is like a breath of fresh air and I'm sure some of the class feel the same way. I can now read out loud openly in front of my other classmates.

I feel more confident that I will be able to solve my problem once and for all. In order to do so, I have to make sure that I attend class and try to learn as much as possible because I do not have any intention of quitting the program until it's totally completed.

Excerpt from I Know this Much is True
By: Wally Lamb

At our school, you could usually tell who the needy kids were: most of them were in the reading groups that stumbled along and lost their place and read baby books. They stood at the chalkboard, stumped by arithmetic problems, their back turned against the sea of waving hands of kids who know the answers. The teachers were less patient with the poor kids than they were with the rest of us.

Ever Since I Came to School
By: Hardeep Sidhu

Ever since I came to school, my reading and my math have been better. I am reading at home by myself much more. I want to practice reading because I want to get a better job than I had before.

My Favourite Time
By: Mary Georgi

My tutor helps me by explaining things to me. She also encourages me to do my best. Before I started working with my tutor I was not able to read and write but now I can. Since I began working with my tutor I feel more confident about myself. I would like to thank my tutor for her kindness and patience with me and the rest of the class. Thanks to Cassandra.

My Tutor
By: Donovan

My story is unique I'll tell you why. My tutor is important to me because she has helped me to better my future and without her dedication God knows where I would be at this point in my life. I could never thank her enough, she has taken so much time to help me and the unique part of my story is not only has she made such a difference in my life as my teacher she is also my best friend.

Some things that I couldn't do before meeting with her are being able to read, write, hold a proper conversation and express myself. Thanks to her, changes I've made since working with my tutor are confidence in most things I do throughout the day and my self-esteem has greatly improved.

She has truly made a difference in my life. If only there were more people in the world like her! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Learning At The Peel Literacy Guild
By: Nelson Javier

Before I came to the Guild, I didn't think I could learn so fast. Going to school at the Guild and seeing how far other people have come energizes me. It helps me want to work harder and stay committed to coming everyday. I want to do the best that I can do every day and improve my reading, writing, and math.

I have trouble when someone else is reading. It's hard to follow along and comprehend at the same time. When I understand one part, they are already reading the next part. But, if we read it over twice, slowly, then I can understand it much better. It also helps if the instructor waits to explain parts until after we have finished reading the whole thing. That's why the Guild is good because Cassandra, the instructor, takes time to go over the instructions and explain what we are reading.

I like the class because we have an instructor that is caring and full of positive energy. The learners care about learning and helping others. The people at the Guild also care about your personal life without being intrusive.

Story Board

I think that the Guild is a good school and it's starting to make miracles in my life, not just in reading and writing but in the quality of my life. I hope this continues. I'd like to thank God, my parents, and all the staff. They have been very influential in helping me be successful.

Learning At The Peel Literacy Guild
By: Oniel

I can do a whole lot of things I couldn't do before I came to school. At first, I didn't try to talk to people at school, now I do. I speak English better. I have confidence communicating with other people. I know more words and what the words mean. I've learned about rules and how to treat people and to be more patient with myself and with other people and to have self-control.

I can do math. I learned to use the computer a little bit and to read more. Practicing filling out application forms helped me get two jobs. But, communication with other people is the most important.

Learning At The Peel Literacy Guild
By: Paul Armstrong

I feel the program that you have here is very good. I also like coming to school, I am very comfortable being here. I have learned a lot for the past few months. The program is well informed. The teachers are always there to help you. The handout sheets have helped me to spell words I didn't know before I came to the program. I feel this program is a great way for me to learn to read and write. This will be good for me to learn all these things so when my kids come to me for help with their homework, I can help them. I give great thanks to the people who put this program together.

The Chance To Learn Again
By: Renee

I am attending the Guild and I am in a group setting. My instructor is Cassandra. She instructs a morning and our afternoon class. I have found her to be really helpful and understanding. She has helped me to learn things I was having problems with and to help me to improve what I do know. We are here as adults learning to be better people for ourselves and oue families. Thanks for the help from the Guild I have met a few people who attend the Guild and everyone agrees that this campus has so many good people and there are just so many learning opportunities. What I do like about learning in a group is that you have other adults with whom you can discuss what problems you are having together. Then you can get new ideas. Cassandra is more than willing to help us with our problem. When you're in a group setting you do encourage each other to keep going and to do your best. Then you feel like you are a part of a family, ratrer than strangers in a room, doing what you are here for.

My instructor is so very helpful to everyone in her class and around her. Cassandra will never sit down without helping someone. She will never take phone calls either. When Cassandra has paper work of her own to do she waits until all her classes are over and there is nobody else who would need her help. Then Cassandra works with you to set your learning plan and you could work at your own speed, until you do feel comfortable enough to move on to something else. Being in the group setting, you start to get comfortable reading in front of others. That was a big problem for me. Now I enjoy doing it. I have also found joy in the things I never enjoyed doing befor like math. It is becoming second nature to me. Because my group helped me to start enjoying it.

PLG Class

I do know it is very hard to make a move like this since we have been out of school for a very long time. When you are in a one on one you do get comfortable. That does help as well. I do know this because I was in a one on one with a tutor and now I have the experience with a group. I have found coming here a real delight, meeting new people and learning new things. I have also been learning to understand and have patience with myself and others while learning. Working with Cassandra and my group has given me more confidence in learning and everyday life. I considered myself to be shy and withdrawn. Now I am able to open up more. Being around people really is a pleasure now.

I would like to thank the Guild and everyone Thank you for working with us all to be better people and giving us the confidence to go on to bigger and better things So thank you all again. I also have to thank Cassandra for all of her hard work each and everyday. I really cannot leave out Joan, Cathy and Robin, who is always around to give support.

One Day I Had A Dream
By: Sandra

I wanted to go back to school. I went to Sheridan College to do a course. They said I had to do a test. I did the test. It took me 4 to 5 hours to do the test. So now I had to wait for the result. A few days later they called me and said I didn't reached the level that they require. So they told me to go to Peel Literacy Guild. So I started out at Peel. I met many good people. That's how my life started out with the Guild. The Guild helps me in so many ways. I can spell, I can read, and especially do math. I am so grateful. I thank Diane for all the good work she has done with me. Coming to the Guild is the one of the best things that could have happened to me.

Then I quit so I stayed home for a while. That was very bad for me. Then one day my son came home with some homework that I had no idea about. I felt bad, unhelpful, and low. I decided to come back to school and meet my wonderful instructor. She is very good with us. I have learned so much. I also feel so confident about everything now. Especially at work, I need to do a little math and I can do it now. Before I was ashamed. But now I am so confident about everything. Now I look forward to coming to school everyday. I really like being in class. When I get a problem, my instructor always make it so possible and easy. Her appearance is always so pleasant.

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