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The Peel Literacy Guild is a community-based, non-profit organization providing English-speaking adults with tutoring in reading, writing and math.

This newsletter is to published by the Guild to acknowledge learner achievements, tutor and staff efforts, and to say thank you to our donors.

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The Literacy and Basic Skills Programme is funded by the Government of Ontario.

A message from Heather

How can you tell if you are learning?

Sometimes things happen so slowly it is hard to see that changes are taking place. This is true for exercise, dieting or learning to read and write. If you have ever tried to become fit, you know that your bathroom scale or mirror do not show big changes every day. You think that nothing is happening. Just when you are ready to stop, you meet an old lost friend who is surprised at how fit you are. So who was right about your fitness, you or your friend? The answer is you both were.

Learning how to read and write is a lot like dieting and exercise. From day to day there are no big changes. That is why it is important for you to know that something is happening even when it is hard to see. We call this self-assessment. It is a way for you to really see what you learned over time and what you still need to learn.

Thinking about what you are learning and how you will use it helps you see the small changes when they happen. Putting your work in your portfolio helps you see how these small changes add up to big results over six months. The work in your portfolio also helps your co-ordinator when she checks in with you every six months. Knowing what you have worked on helps her choose real life tasks at the right level for you so you can both measure your new skills.

Remember it was the turtle and not the hare that won the race one step at a time!



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