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The Peel Literacy Guild is a community-based, non-profit organization providing English-speaking adults with tutoring in reading, writing and math.

This newsletter is to published by the Guild to acknowledge learner achievements, tutor and staff efforts, and to say thank you to our donors.
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"Funambulist," "equanimity," "concierge" and "saccharin" were some of the challenging words that were featured during the inaugural Spell - Rite - Nite held on June 20th at the Novotel Mississauga. Sporting creative names like City Slickers, the Stellar Spellers and the Three Musketeers, 14 teams of three engaged in this thrilling baffle of spelling prowess. 97.3 EZ Rock's Mike Cooper and Christine Cardoso kicked off the festivities with their trademark banter and quick-wittedness, and "Miss Pronouncer" Robin Wyllie assumed the task of assigning words to the competitors. Throughout the contest, Judges Lynda Craig, Margaret McFadyen and Shelley Higgerty made everything run smoothly with their attentiveness and impartiality.

Everyone in attendance was treated to the delightful sounds of the Dan Farrell Trio during supper, and became entranced by the Magic of Roberto as they placed bids on a terrific assortment of Silent Auction items. In the end, it was the Hell's Spellers, representing Chapters City Centre, who were crowned as "Champyuns 4 Tha Nite," and the Mississauga Tutors Squad #2 finished as the Runners-up. Best Team Costume honours went to the "Fairy Godmothers" of Family Services of Peel, and the Stellar Spellers from Chapters Erin Mills took home the award for Best Team Spirit.A handsome sum exceeding $8,000 (including an astounding total of $389 in pledges raised by Ena Badger from the Friends of the Caledon Library) was raised from this memorable evening to help adult learners enrolled in the Guild's programs improve their literacy skills.     Continued on Page 3

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